This week’s photo is one of my favorites from Tevis 2010. EasyCare went to Tevis this year with big plans. We created the Ride Tevis for Free program that compensated riders who finished the race riding horses fitted in Easyboots.

We saw great success with our booted riders, with a 62% completion rate, and 7 riders in the top 20. But the true crowning achievement came when Garrett and Ford The Fury were awarded the Haggin Cup for Best Condition.

I was stationed at various points on the trail this year to get photos of our booted riders as they made their way down the challenging 100 mile course known as the Western States Trail. This photo was taken at the end of the day, when I had gotten all the shots I had set out to get. I decided it was time to experiment and see if I couldn’t capture the feeling of motion in some photos.

Duncan McLaughlin in good spirits as he flies by:
Duncan McLaughlin in good spirits as he flies by