Check out the article below… EasyCare Dealer in Australia makes sure their clients get their boots!

Employee of the Year!


Easycare Down Under is based in a rural town in NSW Australia. This is not normally a problem as much of our business is Internet based sales and we have an efficient postal service here so boots can be dispatched daily.

We have recently had three years of severe drought and nature in its wisdom thought that it would supply us with three years worth of rain in one go and throw in a lot more for good measure.;

Normally it’s a short daily drive to the post and no problems. But the floods changed that.

Once the causeways that provide us access washed away they left watery & very rocky crossings not suitable for a normal car. Sandi Hale who does our office & sales was minding the store whilst we were away and was trapped alone on the property for three days.

But never under estimate the power of a determined woman!

We have wonderful neighbors on the other side of the causeway, Paul & Lucy Phelan who offered to help her get her load of easy care boots to the post.; Problem being she had to get across the broken causeways first. So when the water subsided a little she loaded up the farm quad bike and headed out.;

All went well for a couple of days with smooth crossings, and then on the last day Sandi hit a rock and the bike bounced her parcels off the carrier tray and sent them downstream.;

Sandi not one to let a mere flood stop her deliveries jumped into the water and retrieved the parcels!

I don’t know many employees who would do the same and we want to say a huge thanks to Sandi for her dedication above and beyond, and to our neighbors who helped her out.;

Her motto is definitely “the boots must get through”!

Mike Ware

Easycare Down Under

Sandi waits for a break in the weather and heads out into the floods with her precious cargo.