Congratulations to EasyCare Dealer of the Month, Well-Shod is the internet home of Ranchers & Farmers Supply Co. in Amarillo, Texas. They not only sell farrier supplies, they also carry a full line of feed, hay, livestock panels, pet food, animal health products, feed supplements, lawn & garden supplies and much more. However, Well-Shod is your home for quality farrier products, great prices and the very best service – And, Well-Shod prides themselves on customer service!

Well-Shod is a very new EasyCare Dealer with their very first order in August of this year. They carry all of the EasyShoe styles as well as EasyCare hoof boots; the Transition, Rx, the Trail and Epics. And, their sales have exploded in this short period of time!

John Harshbarger, Owner of Well-Shod, started with the company when he was 17 years old and here he is, twenty years later. John and his Website Manager, Elizabeth Kozak, feel their most successful marketing strategy is their very successful website.


John indicates that they also have a lot of traffic and a very loyal customer base. He feels that another reason for their success is their commitment to customer service and superior production selection. One of their favorite farrier events is the Hoof Care Summit.

John said his favorite EasyCare Product is the EasyShoe Performance N/G. “This EasyShoe has many options and functions that make it applicable to many different disciplines and for many different reasons.”

“In the last decade, we have seen a tremendous growth in the demand for and the availability of hoof boots and alternatives to traditional steel shoes. The variety of styles of hoof boots and shoes has increased and has become more specific to different disciplines.”  John continues, “I believe that hoof care has expanded to include many non-conventional methods. Glue-On Shoes, synthetic, and hoof boots are very important tools that can be used to better help the horse.”

John and his wife own seven horses that his wife trains and shows in Reining. They use Easyboot Transitions when trailering or stalling at shows.

Well-Shod is stocking everything that you need when it comes to EasyCare Products. But, they are running out of room and are stacking things higher and higher. Visit them at 8048 River Road in Amarillo, Texas or on their website at