Submitted by Ashley Gasky, Team Easyboot 2014 Member

I have been lucky enough to provide several demonstrations to the public regarding EasyShoes. Some common questions are “How, what and why?”

EasyShoes are composite polyurethane horse shoes designed to be glued or nailed to the hoof capsule. Why would you want to use them?

1. In order for glue-on shoes to be successful, the hoof preparation must be meticulous. Who doesn’t want meticulous hoof care for their horse? Glue bonds best to clean and dry surfaces. White line separations, chipped hoof walls, and excess moisture will be meticulously managed. Every surface will be cleaned and dried for optimal stickability.

Crevices and cracks will be cleaned and filled, preventing them from spreading and allowing them to heal. The drying process involves the use of a small torch which can also be used in eliminating thrush infections.

2. Protection with expansion. Sometimes horses require hoof protection, be it hoof boots or shoes. By applying protection, you prevent a horse from being concerned about the comfort of her feet, leaving her able to focus on her job. In this instance, an EasyShoe will enhance her comfort and ability to utilize her hooves in the most correct manner all the time, not just when a boot is applied.

3. EasyShoe models can be applied to the hoof and go weight bearing instantly: a real boon when working on sore, or fidgeting horses.

4. Reduce or eliminate nail holes. If you are not great with glue, use the EasyShoe Performance N/G and tack in a couple of nails. If your not confident in nails, use glue.

EasyShoe Performance N/G with 3 nails and glue.

5. Because proper glue technique is a skill best honed when the pressure is off. Try it today, before you need it.

6. Because they work. Eventing, Racing, Endurance, Dressage, Hunters, Western Pleasure, Cutting, Rehabilitation. You name it, EasyShoes are out there doing it.

Lyndsay Poole and her horse Garwin. Photo by Anthony Celona


RB So Rich has won multiple races in EasyShoes