Jersey’s front Easyboot Gloves.

Just have to brag a little bit here. I recently went camping with some fellow horse lovers up to Mormon Lake, Arizona. It had rained up there for the previous five days before we had arrived. The terrain was sticky, thick, clay type mud. This mud wasn’t your normal wet, slick type mud; it was the scary frustrating mud that sucked your shoes right off of your feet. On top of that, the forest, although gorgeous, was incredibly rocky. When your horse wasn’t standing or walking on rocks, then you got the pleasure of the nasty mud.

I put my beloved Easyboot Gloves with the red power straps on all four of Jersey’s hooves. It was casual trail riding and I had asked other riders to please keep an eye on my boots if they possibly could. I felt a little sick in my stomach the whole ride, because I just knew I was going to lose at least one, and in that muck, would never be found. Sigh.

We got back to our trailers and although my friends kept telling me the boots were still on, I didn’t believe them much. With black mud and black boots, how could they tell? Surprise. All four Gloves were still on! I did a little jig. No, really, I did. I took pictures after I wiped a little mud away, just so everyone would believe me.

Jersey's rear Easyboot Gloves

Jersey’s rear Easyboot Gloves.


I did not bother to tape or use any kind of adhesive with these boots on this ride. I was very pleased to say the least.