It’s a sure bet hoof care practitioner and EasyCare Dealer Karen Reeves will head for the back country every chance she gets.

This past Labor Day, Karen, who resides in Oregon, headed out to Fourmile Lake wilderness area. Karen reported all her equines were completely comfortable barefoot and booted, wearing the Easyboot Glove. Karen said, “It was very rocky and the boots never came off or gave us an ounce of grief the entire weekend. I Love the Gloves for our animals and the best part is that you can barely see them on their black hooves. Gold stars for EasyCare!”  She went on to say they had a great time picking huckleberries and riding to their hearts content. Karen says, The mules love the leaves off the Huckleberry bushes, but especially love the berries when they get them from my plastic bag I’m picking into. The brats! It’s hard to compete with them when you’re out picking. They’ll strip the bushes before you can even get to them!”

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

It's a race for the berries!
What's not to love about this face!Eating up the trail!
Where did you take your booted equine in 2011?

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