I would like to introduce you to Bruiser, my five year old Peruvian Paso Quarter Horse cross. Many people chuckle when they hear his name for the first time but it suits him perfectly. You must have a good sense of humor to appreciate his antics but I fell in love with his exuberant personality the moment I saw him. In my previous blog, Everyone Needs a Fit Kit, I discussed my first Easyboot Glove fitting experience and now I’ll discuss my experience fitting Bruiser.

I am ready to start putting some trail miles on Bruiser which means it’s time for his first pair of boots. Bruiser has never been shod and has awesome feet – his left front measured 112mm x 112mm and his right front measured 114mm x 114mm. After looking at the size chart, I was convinced he needed an Easyboot Glove Wide. I had a slight concern that his left front might be too small for the size 0W but the only way to know for sure would be to try it on. All things considered, I was confident that the size 0W was the best option so it was the only size I brought home that night. I put the boot on his right front first and to my surprise it wasn’t a perfect fit. The V did not expand and worse there was space visible between the top of the boot and the hoof wall.

Size 0W – V did not expand and space visible at top of the boot.

I felt foolish for not bringing multiple sizes with me and I was also concerned; I thought for sure this was going to be a good fit since it was his larger hoof. Power straps would help the top of the boot fit tighter and if I wrapped his hooves in Mueller’s athletic tape the size 0W may work but I wanted to see if I had another option. In the short time I’ve been at EasyCare, I have already heard from customers who use the Glove successfully even when their horses’ measurements do not correspond to the size chart. I decided to try the regular Glove on Bruiser even though I didn’t expect it to work. The next day I brought home a size 0 and 0.5; I was not able to get the 0 on but the 0.5 fit nicely. The V expanded and although the boot was a touch long, it was a better fit than the size 0W.


Size 0.5 – V expands. This is a better fit than the 0W.

So far, Bruiser has been out on the trail twice with the 0.5’s and they performed flawlessly. Fitting boots, especially the Easyboot Glove, can be a humbling experience; patience and perseverance are keys to success. I hope that my experiences encourage others to get a Fit Kit prior to purchasing the Glove. I never thought Bruiser’s round hooves would fit best into regular Gloves but I am glad I tried them. Using a two dimensional chart to fit a three dimensional object will only get you so far – nothing compares to trying a boot on.


Alayna Wiley