About two weeks ago, I attended the Eastern Mojave Scenic 250 mile endurance ride. I rode 100 miles on two different horses that were wearing glue on hoof boots. Because I was only riding each horse 50 miles I decided not to use Goober Glue and just to stick to Adhere.
Having fun with boots and glue in Mojave!
The boots worked great with little to no sand in the hoof boots when I eventually pulled them off the horses hooves.

I also had the opportunity to apply boots to a few other horses who were also competing at the ride. However, the weather was getting cooler fast and I knew that the Adhere would be quick to set in that weather.

The glue was getting harder and harder to push out of the tips and at that point I knew that I had run out of time. It was time to start outfitting the rest of the hooves in Easyboot Gloves.

When gluing on boots it is important to remember what glue works best for the situation that you are working in. If the situation does not cooperate with the kind of glue you have then use your handy Glove boots!

Thank you Christina, Melanie and Pascale for making the process so fun! Hope to see you again at a future ride!

Posted by Miriam Rezine