EasyCare partnered up with our new UK distributor Trelawne Equine for the 2010 Beta International,  for what turned out to be yet another great show.  Beta is the biggest and most prestigious equine show in UK with over 5000 buyers from all over the world.  The three day show was busy from start to finish, a lot of new dealer inquires and product questions.  Within the past 3 years I have personally seen quite a shift in the number of natural horse products and a much greater acceptance of the barefoot hoof.

Lucy from Trelawne keeps busy with another inquiry about EasyCare boots

EasyCare is so lucky to have a partner like Trelawne Equine, who brings unmatched passion and knowledge of EasyCare products and the barefoot hoof to the UK market!  If you are in the UK and have any questions about picking up EasyCare products or need any technical assistance with existing products drop Lucy a line 0844 257 8585 or an email at sales@trelawneequine.co.uk .

Day two at Beta in Birmingham, UK