Johnny went lame mid September 2013 and we called the vet to determine cause of the lameness. We soon discovered Johnny had a serious hoof deformation, and he would have to undergo a number of radical changes within his hooves to try and prevent lameness later on in life, the first change was to pull his shoes. Johnny had two months out of work whilst the most dramatic changes to his hooves were being carried out. However we then found out about EasyCare hoof boots, we immediately purchased a pair of Old Mac’s G2. Nearly a month down the line and Johnny is being ridden in his Old Mac’s with no problems at all. Johnny is an active, lively horse who was getting rather bored of not being ridden however with the use of Old Mac’s hoof boots he can be ridden and carry on with his work and career comfortably with no pain or stress!

Name: Chennise Fraser
City: Tyne and Wear, UK
Equine Discipline: Jumping
Favorite Boot: Old Mac’s G2