Fast as a sneaky slithering rattlesnake. More powerful than the monster tires on a redneck’s mud truck. Able to leap over giant stumps in a single stride. It’s Super Boot!

Do you doubt the abilities of your horse’s boots? ♫Here I am to save the day!♫ Oh wait – that was Mighty Mouse not Super Boot! Ok so enough silliness. Have you ever really though about just how incredibly durable Easyboot Gloves are? And do you really know how many miles a Glove can travel before the burial? As I was sorting through boots and packing up for Owyhee Fandango I picked up a pair of 0.5 Gloves that Thunder has been sporting on the hinds during endurance rides since last August. Yes I said LAST August, as in 2012.

Just look at all the tread these boots have left.

The gaiters look very good too. But you can see some wear there in the toe, a little thin spot where the cryptonite Idaho rocks weakened the structure.

When I add up the miles on these boots: 2 days of Pink Flamingo forest = 100 miles; 2 days of Old Selam trees, sand and creek crossings = another 100 miles; all 5 days of Owyhee Canyonlands rocks, creeks, canyons and more rocks and that was 250 miles; one day of Halloween for 50 miles on Thunder and one day on Blue’s hinds with a ghastly ghoul along side; then in 2013 a 75 at Owyhee Tough Sucker it was rocks and deep sand; and then I put them on Blue’s hinds for a roller coaster 50 at Eagle. That is 675 AERC miles! And they aren’t ready for retirement yet.

And for those who think boots can be expensive lets do a little math. If you were to pay $75 for a Glove that works out to about 10 cents a mile. If you shoe your horse over the course of 6 months or more what does that cost per foot by comparison? I haven’t shod a horse in ages so I’m not positive of the cost but I know it’s more than 10 cents a mile. And if you get them for less than $75 (I’m counting shipping etc. at some places I have seen them listed) then the cost per mile is even less. Easyboot Gloves are a very economical choice for sure.

PS I had to come back and edit this to add another 60 miles on Blue through the Owyhee Fandango rocks down to the Snake River and back. Plus last week they did a 20 mile fun scenic ride from Adrian to the Owyhee River for some swimming. And they are still wearing like Super Boots!

Karen Bumgarner