The following is from Tanya in Gilmer, Texas:

“I started with Easyboots approximately 15 years ago and was totally unimpressed. I could not keep them on my horse’s feet unless I was on cement and at a walk. Years later, I saw a lady with high dollar Marquis boots on her horse and thought they were awesome. So, I saved my money and got a full set for my horse. They did great until I started the Pete Ramey natural trim. I couldn’t keep his high dollar tennis shoes on anymore. I tried a competitor’s brand boots, but they were clunky and riding in the mountains and rocks, I was afraid stumbling was going to be an issue.

My very good friend who got me started on the natural trim was  also looking for a better boot and called me one day to tell about what she had found – the Easyboot Glove! What a great find- they are just what they say they are! I have had more people wanting to get a better look. And they are so much less expensive than the other boots and steel shoes. I know my horse will benefit from no longer having to have steel shoes confining his hooves. But, I love the fact that I can go anywhere at a moment’s notice and not have to worry about loose shoes and the need to wait for the farrier. I just trim his feet, slap on his “tennies” and go!”


This is Tanya and Echo who is sidepassing and showing off his Easyboot Gloves.

Tanya and I have since talked about her first experience with Easyboots and, she even said I could let that part out of her story; however, I think it’s important for y’all to know that not all Easyboots work for every horse. The key to successful booting is a good fit.

Do you have a successful booting experience that you’d like to share?

Dee Hoime


Customer Service

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