A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Gloria who lives in the UK regarding her 4 year old cruelty rescue, Pilgrim. He was really foot sore, avoiding hard surfaces, preferring to walk on mud/grass/weeds. Pebbles made him nearly hobble. Gloria was trying to avoid putting shoes on Pilgrim and was looking for some protective horse boots.

Pilgrim in Boa boots
Gloria with Pilgrim in his Boa boots


The farrier was due out in a week so I asked her to get fresh trim measurements and send them to me. After discussing what she would be using the boots for, we decided that the Boa boot in a size 1 for both the front and back would be a good fit. Gloria contacted The Saddlery Shop in the UK and she was able to get the boots a couple of days later. Below is what Gloria had to say about the boots.

“I received the boots on Thursday and I tried them on and rode him out in them on Friday. He can walk confidently and comfortably on the roads and on rocky surfaces! That is a first. I am so pleased! On day three we went out the really busy London roads (hard surfaces) and he was stepping right out. Then we walked and trotted(!!!) down some lovely bridle paths, he walked out comfortably for our hour ride.

He’s not been able to trot before on the roads or bridle paths because the hard, rocky surfaces made him wince. It was amazing to ask him forward to trot and he could. Thank you.”

All the best,

Gloria (and Pilgrim)

If you need any help with sizing or which boot style would be right for you and your horse, please contact the EasyCare customer service department at 1-800-447-8836.

Shari Murray


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