High Performance Hooves of Stevensville, Montana checks in with this fun photo of eight year old Bridger Christensen. His mom Jo knows his mount Hawkeye will be extra comfortable and sure-footed wearing a pair of Easyboot Edges. Hawkeye is fully protected from a possible bruise or soreness as they traverse the rocky terrain of Blodgett Canyon just outside Hamilton, Montana. Bridger is originally from Kazakhstan and I am told is an amazing young man and superb rider.
Bridger Christensen taking on the trail!Bridger Christensen - A picture of confidence.

His partner Hawkeye has worn shoes his entire life until about six months ago. He was liberated of his steel horse shoes by natural hoof care provider Jay DeHart of High Performance Hooves  who has been trimming him ever since.

The ride was a jaw dropping, beautiful 6 1/2 hours with not one complaint from either horse or rider. This amazing canyon leads you over talus fields that rock crushing barefoot hooves can handle with the protection of Easyboots. Most horse people don’t like Blodgett because of all the rocky terrain. But for Bridger and Hawkeye with their Edge boots, it’s a piece of cake and one of their favorites.

Debbie Schwiebert


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