Submitted by Amy Allen, Team Easyboot 2014 Member

On my days off from trimming and training, I enjoy a good trail ride. Recently I have been going with a good friend to a location that has some great water and mud, to practice horsemanship, and at this location we got to test our boots, too.

This is my Rocky Mountain mare, Destiny. I had only been riding her on the trails on my property, which are not very rocky, so I had not booted her. Since we were now hauling out to ride on the rocky trails,  I fitted her with the Easyboot Glove Back County boots on the front and the Easyboot Glove on the hinds. It didn’t take us long to lose the new boot look.

This is my friend on her pretty half-arab mare and her great trail riding dog. She has the Easyboot Glove on the fronts and the mare is bare behind.

We had so much fun riding through the knee deep water.

Boot sucking mud, but we didn’t lose any boots.

The dog thought the water was lots of fun too. The horses did us a favor by washing off their boots, they had a pawing contest to see who could splash the most. 

Amy Allen, AHA Member and PHCP Mentor