I have over 9,000 miles of successful endurance riding over the past 30+ years. My AERC number is 176. I have always used metal shoes and had Easyboots or Gloves for emergencies only. I have a wonderful farrier and have not lost a single shoe in the last 15 years. That said, I have a mare with great feet that “hates” the pounding of the nails on her shoes. Also, I have watched riders using Easyboot Glue-Ons fly over the rocks and down the mountain at the Big Horn 100 for the last several years.

Since the Big Horn is always my ultimate goal each year, I thought I might want to try some Glue-On shells or Gloves for that ride. Then, the EasyShoes came out and I was really interested in this new concept. I decided to try them out. My farrier is approaching his retirement, but still shoes for a few clients who love him so much. I asked him to try these and he was open to the idea. We do not have the ideal set-up for this type of operation. It is too cold, very windy, uneven, dusty surface for the horse to stand on, etc. However, we both watched the videos and made it work.

My mare just completed her second 50-miler in the EasyShoe Performance model. On our last ride at the Medicine Lodge 50, we were in deep sucking mud for about 3-5 miles on the first loop: it was over their fetlocks. The shoes stayed on and we were able to confidently go over rocks, down hills and on gravel roads without me worrying about slowing her down. It is still a journey for me and still very new to us, but I am really excited about these shoes and grateful to the EasyCare team for continuing to innovate and share their experiences and expertise.

Name: Cindy
City: Cody, Wyoming, USA
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Hoof Protection Device: EasyShoe Performance