Lil Bit of Magic
Lil Bit of Magic will go back at it tomorrow after a one month layoff.  We have some pretty cold winters here and I wanted her to go into the winter this year with a nice fat layer under her winter coat.  We head to Brown County State Park (Indiana) in the morning for a ride with Lida Pinkham (Limited Distance, 4X4 Easyboot Gloves), Christine Eickleberry (my AERC mentor, LD, & Endurance), and Gwen Anrico (Limited Distance, Regional LD Mileage Championships X 2),  and a few other ladies just crazy enough to load up and haul out on a 26 degree Hoosier morning.

Since I’ve been battling scratches and have cleared my horse’s front pasterns, I’ll be using her Easycare hoof boots ( Easyboot Gloves) on the fronts, and leave her hinds bare to avoid irritation of the areas I’m still treating.  The footing at Brown County varies between dirt track, mud, and crushed stone.   We all expect a moderate – slow pace tomorrow because some of the horses have been on hiatus.   My little half-arab is feeling full of herself so I’ll likely have to work at pacing her slow.   This will be our first training ride since she successfully completed her second LD at the 2009 Spook Run, Henryville, IN. in October.

So we begin again.  New goals for a new season.   Looking forward to 2010 and a string of completions with a goal of doing our first slow 50 mile towards the end of next season.  Ride Far, ride fast, and  KYTITA!   ~E.G.