Crane’s Country Corner in Pineville, Louisiana, a new EasyCare Dealer, saved a big Christmas surprise for a local family.

Mr. CJ Paul had built a brand new wagon for his family and, with his new team of Haflingers (Kate and Katie), he was going to take the whole family on a big surprise Christmas ride.

He wanted to make the horses comfortable for the ride and purchased Easyboot Glove Back Country boots. However, there was some confusion in the measuring process and the sizes he ordered didn’t fit.

Supergirl, Crystal Crane, to the rescue! She made a house call with all sizes of Glove Back Country boots from her stock at the store and got a great fit for Kate and Katie.

Paw-Paw CJ took a practice run on Christmas Eve and treated the whole family to a wonderful ride on Christmas Day!

Kate and Katie in the Easyboot Glove Back Country Boots.

Visit Crane’s Country Corner in Pineville, LA or Crane’s Country Corner Facebook Page to experience their great customer service! The Glove Back Country boots are Crystal’s favorites and she has all sizes in stock.


Dee Reiter


Retail Account Rep

I am the Retail and New Dealer Account Rep for EasyCare. I will be happy to help you with ordering, selecting the most popular styles and sizes of EasyCare hoof boots to stock. Let me help you with suggestions on merchandising and provide training for you and your staff, at your convenience.