Submitted by Elaine McPherson, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

Ten years ago I was new to barefoot and new to the little town I now live in. I had no idea where to ride, so I would go on local group rides with folks I met in town. One such ride was a conditioning ride for the annual Pony Express done in town and I ended up with a very sore footed horse thanks to the nasty terrain it happened to be over. I was definitely an odd man out having a barefoot horse when everyone else’s were shod. No one had told me how rocky it was going to be.

I have had people refuse to cross this

Fast forward to the present and six-plus years of using Easyboot Epics, and now Gloves on my horses and lots of learning on my part. I’m now the one that organizes group rides for the Back Country Horsemen Chapter I belong to as well as competitive rides I host and just taking friends out for a spin. I have so much peace of mind with my horses feet booted that I sometimes find it difficult to describe certain terrain to others and find myself using the term “soft rock” on occasion. Is there such a thing as soft rock? Yes, if it gives and moves under your horses feet then it’s soft.

I’m now the one that takes folks through some crazy, unforgiving terrain at times but I have every confidence in the world that Easyboots will get me through it.

Sometimes you have to cross that ugly section of rock to get to the good stuff so I make sure to let anyone that rides with me know that hoof protection is always recommended and then they never have to worry about ugly terrain ruining a great ride.