I have an eight year-old Morgan gelding named Harley who has great feet (knock on wood). But here in Maine with ice and snow, I needed something to make my winter and fall riding safe.

I tried the Easyboot Gloves: they were OK but not exactly what I was looking for. A year ago, I bought the other brand of boot but I found them very stiff and hard to get on in winter.

Easyboot then came out with the Easyboot Trail. I love the Easyboot brand, so I bought the Trail for summer riding and I love them. Harley and I took our first trip a few weekends ago on Chick Hill in Clifton, Maine. I put his boots on because it is very rocky. The boots stayed on in water, mud and after a 5 1/2 hour ride, there were no rubs or soreness on my boy. This is a perfect boot for Harley and me.

Thank-you Easyboot, I may have to get another pair and stud them for winter use.


P.S. To all you booters: make sure you take the time to fit correctly – these boots are sized differently then Gloves. I also want to  thank my local tack shop, Gass in Orono, Maine, for taking back the size I ordered and getting me the right boot. Happy riding and have a safe fall and winter. Just boot it!

Name: Diana M.
City: Old Town, Maine, USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Trail