Do you ride a gaited horse? Have you been wondering how the new Easyboot Trail will work for your horse? Here is a first hand testament from an Easyboot Trail boot user.


There are many gaited horse breeds out there and this one is a Paso. The Paso Fino executes a natural evenly spaced four beat lateral ambling gait, similar to many gaited horses. Both the Colombian and the Puerto Rican strains of the Paso Fino execute the lateral gait naturally, without the aid of training devices.

The Paso Fino’s gaits are performed at varied levels of extension in stride. All four hooves travel close to the ground while in motion and are lifted equally in height as the horse covers ground. At whatever speed the horse travels, the smoothness of the gait ideally allows the rider to appear motionless with little up and down movement.

           trail boot

Linda Layman recently wrote to me:

I tried my new Trail Boots Saturday, and my Paso, who wouldn’t gait in Boas, or Epics, or Renegades, gaits like the wind in his new Trails. I thank you and my back thanks you, and Ninja would thank you, too, if he could talk.

We rode for 2 hours up hills and down dales in Georgia clay, dust and gravel, and rocks, and they stayed on even when he took a few (don’t tell anybody) canter steps with his friends.

Funny, I’ve spent a fortune on boots, and the least expensive ones worked best. At least the options are out there, thanks to you.

Linda Layman, Georgia

Thank you Linda for giving us some feedback on your experience with our newest boot style, the Easyboot Trail.

Do you ride a gaited horse? Which boots have you found to work best for your horse? Submit a photo with a story and we’ll send you a hoof pick.

Happy Trails!

Nancy Fredrick


EasyCare Office Manager

As the office manager, I make sure the general operations of the organization run smoothly and seamlessly from A to Z. I have been on the EasyCare team since 2001 and have first hand product knowledge as my horses are barefoot and booted.