After being told by many people that barefoot was not an option in Arizona due to the rocky and abrasive terrain, this past October I took my 5-year old Tennessee Walker, Cynder, barefoot. I spent months researching boots and finally settled on the Easyboot Gloves. After watching the online video, I fitted them myself and I have been very happy with them.

Bumble Bee CTR ride
Photo courtesy of Jennifer LaBelle, Silver Buckle Photography

Back in March, Cynder and I did our first competetive trail ride. It was the NATRC (National Assocation of Trail Riding Competitors) Bumble Bee CTR in Bumble Bee, Arizona. We rode all day, 20 miles, up mountains, through rocks, sand and streams and the boots held up well and stayed on. No rubbing or soreness to report. My horse passed all the vet checks with flying colors. I am hoping she can contend for NATRC Novice Horse of the Year.

Monique Williams