The white horse belonged to a Costa Rican farmer. Passing the farm we had to stop. My husband offered to make her more comfortable. Very old and sick , bone skinny and suffering from the worst set of hooves we had ever seen. She was in agony and unable to stand. They had been waiting a week for the vet to arrive to put her to sleep. Gently trimming her whilst she lay, Chris padded and booted “Nonamey” as we called her, using a set of Epics, after a minute she stood up. Unsound but comfortable at last, she was finally able to walk, she shuffled straight over to eat grass and started eating. The farmer, who loved his horse thanked us with fruit.

It isn’t always great endurance rides or cross country adventures that stick in your heart. Nonamey was put to sleep 3 days later, but knowing she was able to have some comfort in her last days is priceless. These boots were donated by Easycare.


This is a photo of another of our rescue horses wearing boots.

Name: Andrea Wady
City: Jaco
State: Puntarenus
Country: Costa Rica
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Epic