I just got back from a short elk hunt and thought you might want to hear from someone using the Gloves for something other than the usual (trail, endurance, etc.)

The area we went to was high and wet. We spent quite a bit of time slogging though bogs – the kind of stuff that has pulled steel shoes off of my horses in the past. No trouble whatsoever from the Gloves. From speeds including walk, trot and canter, to deep bogs, to rocky terrain – they held up great. The gaiters never caused a rub, either, which has been a concern of some who talk to me about trying them.

Many people come out west every year to hunt elk and mule deer. Many bring their own horses, and often I hear questions from them about bringing barefoot horses west. “Should I put shoes on him?” Well, I’ve come to tell them to get some EasyCare Gloves. They’ll last for more elk hunts than you will. They are easy to replace if lost in the wilderness (not so with steel shoes.) They protect the sole better from stone bruises that can really lame-up a soft-footed pasture horse that makes his way west to pack camp gear and meat. And they allow the horse to remain barefoot if that is a goal or preference of the owner. And oh, by they way: they work!

You may recognize Scooter in the photo above from the Bighorn 100. He’s a pretty versatile horse, as you can see. I think that the different options we have for footwear really add to that versatility.

Name: John Haeberle
City: Laramie
State: Wyoming
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove