Submitted by Barb Fenwick, Team Easyboot 2011 Member

The reason I originally got into using boots was for my foundered horse Spirit. He is a TWH gelding and is 12 years old now and we discovered he had foundered when he was 7 years old. It has been a learning journey and part of that trip was to find a boot that I could use to make him more comfortable when he was having a laminatic attack or when he was “good to go” and I was riding him on trail.

That trail led me to Easyboots when I contacted The Horses Hoof and Yvonne Welz and she sold me my first pair of boots, which were Original Easyboots. I progressed to using Bares, then along came the fabulous Gloves. He has worn Gloves for the last 2 years and put a ton of miles on them. I have blown a couple gaiters but otherwise I can’t wear them out. We have a large pond on our property that I take him into for swimming fun and also for rehab when he is sore to cool his legs and feet.  I have never lost a Glove. One time it came off but the gaiter holds them onto the leg, which saves the boot from coming off.

Hilda getting ready to ride Spirit

In the above picture, Spirit shows one of his other jobs he has been able to continue with boots. He gives rides to a disabled rider, who had a serious horse accident a few years back and lost confidence in horses. Spirit is the only horse she will ride: he takes care of her and it gives her joy unimaginable to be able to ride again, safely. Without his boots, that really wouldn’t be doable on a regular basis.

Just this spring I tried the Easyboot Rx boots on him, and they are his paddock boots of choice. I love them! They are so easy to slip on & off, are so comfortable & well padded, good grip and dry out quickly after getting wet and soggy.

For Spirit, it has allowed him to keep moving and enjoying the trails on rides with his buddies, which is so important for him physically and mentally. I can’t even imagine a life without hoof boots for this horse, who is my equine soul mate. He does go barefoot as much as possible, but those boots are ever handy to help him be comfortable and get the needed exercise and really his sense of pride and purpose. He loves to show off and be the leader whether on trails, doing natural horsemanship ground play or just still having that leader position comfortably in his pasture.

Spirit cooling off
Next I plan to try a pair of the Easyboot Trails. I think this will fill in the gap for those times when the Glove is not quite enough comfort for shorter outings.

Spirit has been my working partner as I taught PNH clinics on the Canadian Prairies. He is the reason I got into natural hoofcare and the reason I teach natural hoof health today. He has been so instrumental in helping not only spread the word about these things, but also that there is life after laminitis and Easyboots are a huge part of the recovery and treatment plan. It has made Spirit live easier and for all he does for me and so many others, he simply deserves the best boots. And he has them!

Barb & Spirit