Meleah has a club hoof. Her ‘mom’ is working with her trimmer to get Meleah’s hoof as close to normal as possible. In the meantime, Meleah is still being ridden on a regular basis.

I helped ‘mom’ measure Meleah for the Easyboot Trails and we anxiously awaited them to come in the mail and try them out! (Like kids at Christmas… I swear!) With a size 0 on the club, and a size 1 on the other normal hoof, we went out for a leisurely stroll. Riding in rocks, dirt, asphalt and the like, along with walking, trotting and hills, these boots stayed tight! No twisting, no velcro coming undone, and most importantly, NO rubbing! Yahoo!

eb trail

When I asked ‘mom’ what she thought of the Easyboot Trails, her response… “I love them! They are so easy to put on and take off, even for someone like me who has minimal use of her thumb! I think we have found her new ‘sneakers’!”

The fact that these boots work for a ‘non normal’ hoof, and that they also come sold in singles, prove that EasyCare is on a mission to make sure all horses can be comfortable in their hooves!

Sabrina Liska