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New Show and Contest Rules Passed by AQHA Executive Committee
These rules will take effect January 1, 2011, unless stated that they will be effective immediately.

Show Committee
2010 AQHA Convention
Kissimmee, Florida


“9. To send out a directive to AQHA judges that the use of slip on (Easycare) horse boots or related footwear are not considered “protective boots” and are ok for the use of horses at AQHA shows.”

This goes back to my previous blog in which I cited Brian Mueller’s blog likening “Easyboot” to the name “Kleenex.” In everyone’s mind, the original and the best tend to stay in the minds of the users.


barrel racingNow where are all the Western Pleasure People,Western Horsemanship, Western Trail, Reining, Cutting, Working Cow Horses, Tie Down Ropers, Dally Team Ropers, Stake Racers, Pole Bending and Barrel Racers?


cowboy bootsTime to put the boots on!


EasyCare protective hoof boots, that is . .




Dee Hoime


Customer Service

When you call EasyCare, I’m one of the folks that will answer. I’m also one of the cowgirls in the group. (Heck no, I don’t show, I Rodeo!) When it comes to life’s adventures – never pull back on the reins, and remember: the world is best-viewed through the ears of a horse!