Submitted by Stacey Maloney – TE2014 Member

The answer is: all over Alberta! Just last year I have 150 recorded competition miles, triple that in training, and that was just on one of my horses, “KC”. If I add the miles I put on the girls during schooling, legging up and good old fashioned trail rides the number goes up and up!

We traveled 530 kilometers north to Brule Lake where we rode back to back 25’s. We traveled 350 kilometers south to compete in Milk River (twice!). The other 75 competitive miles we completed were closer to home. All our conditioning in preparation for our Competitive Trail Rides was done close to home with lots of miles on the gravel. Our boot of choice is currently the Easyboot Epic for it’s ease of application, adjustability and ability to fit throughout the trim cycle.

My horses stay happy, barefoot and sound thanks to their Easyboots. Without them, we just wouldn’t be able to do the hard conditioning miles down the road. When we get home, the horses get to take their boots off just like their human counterpart! Thank you Easycare for making something that is so rugged and reliable for us to use.