Submitted by Elaine McPherson, 2015 Team Easyboot Member

I ride in some pretty amazing places in Southern Nevada and am very lucky to have a never ending riding season along with just about never ending public land to do so on. Summers are spent in the nearby mountains and spring and fall are still pretty warm. When the cooler weather and snow hits the peaks there is plenty of riding down low in the surrounding desert from Red Rock Canyon to Valley of Fire as well as the lower elevations in the Spring Mountain Range.

I spend much of my time in the saddle doing volunteer work on the trails, maintaining the trail tread along with putting up new signage or replacing the old ones and trimming branches for the USFS. This work sometimes necessitates a pack animal to carry equipment so my mare gets to tag along as well. We’ve also been known to take a target along with a bow and arrows in the packs to play around a bit during lunch.

As beautiful as some of the lower desert can be, my heart and I think my horses belong in the upper elevations, far away, or so it seems, from civilization. It’s wonderful to never have to worry about hoof protection because my hoof boots are made for walking and ready for any adventure I throw at them.