As a Product Specialist at EasyCare, I talk to people every day who are having trouble finding the right solution to their hoof care needs. They often want a pair of boots that will allow them to hit the trail with confidence. They may also have a horse that is unable to walk due to laminitis or founder. Either way, it is all about protecting the foundation of the animals we love, and making their lives better.

It can be hard to trust someone else’s opinion, especially when they live on the other side of the country (or world) from you. When I receive calls and emails from customers, I think of all the occasions when I have been in the same type of situation with my horses. Growing up, I was immersed in an industry in which metal shoes seemed to be way to fix any and every problem. Hoof shapes became so skewed after time that natural motion seemed nearly extinct. Laminitis was almost always a chronic problem, as well.

The barefoot movement has changed my life and my view of animal husbandry. I do the trimming on my own horses, and I am in the process of finding the perfect Easyboot for each of them for when we hit the trails. I want to be sure that they are comfortable and that the boots allow them to move naturally. It is a process, though, and we will likely not find the perfect fit for our needs and wants right away.

All of the factors that play into fit and function are tough to keep organized. Lucky for me, I work alongside some of the most knowledgeable people in the hoof booting world. Garrett Ford, the President of EasyCare, knows what it takes to keep a horse sound under the most grueling conditions. Our products are tested at the Tevis Cup, which is a 100-mile, annual race from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, California. Out of the previous nine winning horses, six were wearing Easyboots. Garrett and his horse, “The Fury,” won this race in 2012.

Since I started with EasyCare six months ago, I have fitted boots to countless hooves at the barn and assembled boots here in the office. I have watched videos and read article after article on booting and gluing techniques. I am gathering all the knowledge that I can so that I can help YOU make the right choices for your horse. When you contact us, we honestly care about our products becoming a successful addition to your horse’s health and wellness regimen. When I talk to neighbors at my barn about hoof issues, it tugs at my heart strings just as it does when I talk to the customers at EasyCare. Maybe your horse and my horse aren’t barn mates, but I’d like to do everything I can to treat your horses as if they were right beside mine.

Written by Katie Johanson, Product Specialist.


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