This is Toby. He was 30 years young in this picture. This poor guy suffered joint pain in his knees for all of the years I attempted to keep shoes on him. His hooves broke constantly.

I took off his shoes about 13 years ago and never went back. We started with the mustang trim which improved his comfort greatly, then bought him a set of Boa Horse Boots.

In the picture, we were in the backwoods riding all day, for several days, in the mountains following the Murders Creek wild mustangs in Eastern Oregon. The country is rugged and allows for all types of terrain, including rocks, gravel roads, downed timber, mud and sand.

Toby just keeps on going, keeping up with the young horses and I owe much of it to the health of his feet and the protection that the Boa Boots provide him. He's 32 years old now. Our farrier states that Toby has the best feet, and our vet is amazed by Toby's vibrant health. We have two other horses who have never had shoes on and yes, of course, they each have their own set of Easyboots as well.

Thank you for a fantastic product that supports healthy feet in horses.

Name: Debbie
City: Baker City, Oregon USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Boa Horse Boot