I’m four months into the job at EasyCare. And I must say, the experience has exceeded my expectations significantly. The company is run by a determined leader who sees nothing but opportunity all around him. He has surrounded himself with a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who believe completely in what they do.

Nothing at EasyCare is done by half. As the owner of the company since 1993, Garrett Ford pushes himself, pushes those around him and the pushes the product line EasyCare offers. The character and values of EasyCare are such that you can rely completely on the integrity of the Easyboot products. No-one here cuts corners or settles for the bare minimum (pun intended). Garrett and his team are always focused on how to make the product better; how to improve on the greatest product EasyCare has ever produced; how to make the user experience successful and uncomplicated. It’s in their blood.

Last Sunday we took eight pairs of Easyboot Gloves and put them through the ringer. We rode to 12,000 feet in a thunder and hail storm. We rode through rocks, across shale, through snow, through mud, through river crossings. We cantered and galloped up the mountain passes and along root-ridden trails.

Part of the trail from Sunday’s boot testing that would take us back down the mountain from 12,000 feet.

EasyCare’s philosophy is to get out there and do it right, and not to rest until the whole job is complete. I can assure you first hand that this company prides itself in consistency, longevity, creativity, efficiency and reliability.

If you don’t want to own products that have been pushed to the extreme at 12,000 feet, go to the competitors. If you want to put your trust into a company that is always pushing to reach new heights, stick with EasyCare. You’ll enjoy seeing the opportunity all around you.

Kevin Myers



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