It would be easy to apply but still fit snugly. If I am sweating and cussing with blisters from the rubber mallet, the boot is not for us. It wouldn’t rub in any way: not the pasterns, heel bulbs or hoofwalls (from screws or hardware). Proper breakover is very important: we want the boot to feel like it is one with the hoof. It would be durable with a good tread, without being bulky or heavy. It would also be cool if the gators came in different snazzy colors!


Oh yeah… headlights for night riding would be extra special and built in homing devices for those lost boots would be sweet!! **wink wink** Boomer loves his naked tootsies, and I love that hoof boots allow us to go bare worry free.

Name: Suzanne Cripps
City: Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
Equine Discipline: Pleasure Riding
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove

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