My son, Joe (15), packed up with Ronnie Eden and Bonnie Swiatek and left Laramie late last week to head for Horse & Rider in Western Colorado. Joe was riding Scooter, an 11 year-old Grade gelding that he’s been riding for eight years now. They’ve really got quite a bond, and the two did well again. Scooter continues to use the EasyCare Glue-Ons for hoof protection.

It wasn’t always that way, though. Scooter used to be shod, but we had some difficulty finding a good professional farrier. He ended up with very long toes, and very contracted heels. Long toe cracks developed, extending from the toe all the way to the coronet band. I could stick a wire in through the crack 1.5 cm. After several farriers were unsuccessful at rehabilitating him, we took him barefoot, and really got to work on that toe length. The cracks healed, and his heels widened again.

Although he does well barefoot, we now boot him for particularly long or rocky rides. He’s never had any lameness issues, and we don’t want to start now. After three years of being barefoot, Scooter’s health has never been better, and he continues to do well at distance events. At the Bighorn 100, we learned from Keven Myers and Rusty Toth a bit more about proper application of the boots, and we haven’t had a bit of trouble. Although “just a Grade,” he took 8th in the 50 on Saturday, and 1st in the 25 on Sunday.

It’s off to Happy Jack (Laramie, WY) this weekend for another 50 and a 25 … and we’re so proud of Joe and Scooter … and so glad that we found EasyCare Glue-Ons, which have really extended the range of events in which this great little gelding can excel.

Name: John Haeberle
City: Laramie
State: WY
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glue-On