Our friends over at Savvy Feeder made this video featuring EasyCare Product Specialist Jordan Junkermann. Jordan has been horse camping/trailer camping for a few years now, and she thinks that the using the HiTie and Savvy Feeder together makes her horse safe and comfortable any time she’s away from home.
Here’s what Jordan had to say:
I keep improving on my set up overtime to make my experience and my horse’s experience more enjoyable. For me that means an air mattress and batteries in my head lamp. For my horse, that means the HiTie system and the Savvy Feeder.
The HiTie allows my horse more room to move around and even lay down while tied to the trailer. This means she is less likely to get swelling in her legs from being force to stand in one place all night.
The Savvy Feeder makes life easy for me because filling it up is simple and it doesn’t require extra ties or places to tie on my trailer. I can allow my horse to eat in a more natural position, eliminate the noises in the middle of the night of a hay bag banging against my trailer, and can place the feeder wherever is most convenient.
Have you ever used a HiTie? Tell us how you tie your horse for overnight camping or time at the trailer!