I received a call here at EasyCare back in mid June from a very frantic but wonderful lady named Faye from the UK. Her pony Frodo was supposed to be the VIP (very important pony) in the St. John’s Fayre parade in less than two weeks and there was no way Frodo could be in it without boots. She needed the Easyboot in a 000 size and could not seem to find them anywhere in the UK.

We got the boots to Faye in plenty of time and Saturday June 22, 2013 was the big day for Frodo, he is the pony representing the People 4 Ponies, a wonderful charity in the UK that is dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of wild and traumatized ponies. The link to their blog on their website is www.people4ponies.co.uk.

Frodo taking a break to munch a little grass.

Faye said that Frodo made the 8 mile round trip in his Easyboots with no problem. She said it was teaming with people, vehicles, lots of loud music, steam vehicles, a fun fair, drummers, dancers, etc and Frodo took it all in stride. He had lots of admirers at the end who wanted to stroke Frodo and take photos!

Frodo the Very Important Pony

Faye says “Thank you very much for rescuing us and getting his boots to us in time for Frodo’s big adventure!”