Are you looking for a good way to train for the ultimate endurance race? Check out this ride in Fairplay, Colorado. This is burro racing, but there is no riding. it’s you on one end of the rope and your burro on the other end.

burro racing in Colorado

Pack burro racing was born in Colorado and is still confined to that state. The race is a 29-mile course up and down a 13,000′ mountain pass, and the burro is the boss.

An endurance rider who was driving through Colorado stumbled across the pre-race when he pulled off the highway for a pit stop and immediately signed up for the race. He said the burro race is the best cross-training for endurance riding that he can think of. Think running up hills is hard? try running up hill dragging a burro behind you!

All I can say is get those burros some Easyboots.

Shari Murray

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