This is one of the best testimonials I’ve received in quite sometime. Thank You Cat for sharing your Natural Hoof Care experiences with us at EasyCare, love those pink power straps! Please Thank Blue and Tonka too!

My name is Cat, This is my 8 yr. old mare named Blue (she has blue eyes) and my 3 yr. old boxer dog named Tonka (search and rescue dog). I have Blue living on my own property in Westfield PA (Northwest Pa) in the Allegheny Mountain range.

Because I have Blue on my property I have the means to keep her barefoot and trimmed every week with just a little rasping, it is so nice  to have a perfect hoof all the time and not have to deal with the blacksmith and shoes and nails. BUT….I am an advid rider and me Blue and Tonka love to ride all day, but I was finding myself riding fields and shoulders of the rough dirt roads and becoming very limited to where and how long I could ride. I kept going back and fourth about barefoot or blacksmith, I really didn’t want to give up the benefits of barefoot, but between stone bruises and wearing down her hoofs so quick I knew I had to do something.

I have been riding and breaking horses for 35 years and until recently I always thought of a hoof boot for your horse meant wrong fit, sore heals, rubbing, constantly loosing them, and difficult to put on and off. Me and Blue had to come up with an idea quick. So I went on the computer and wanted to see if there might be something new that worked out there.

OH MY GOD!!!! We soooo scored when I found The variety of boots makes and models, just made me want to dance. I went with the Easyboot Glove, perfect traction, perfect fit, very comfortable, and easy to put on and take off!!! I now have all the benefits of  barefoot and all the advantages of rubber shoe to do all the riding I want on any terrain.

Since I put the Easyboot Glove on Blue we have been riding between 4 to 8 hours a day 6 days a week. See, Tonka is a search and rescue dog, so keeping up with his training is very important. Now I can do all my search and rescue training while I’m riding Blue. We often go off the trail and cut straight through the woods in all kinds of terrain and steep hills, now with the Easyboot Glove we can ride and train like never before!



Cat, Blue, and Tonka


Marcie Mendoza