At Easycare the majority of our boots have been tested in the rugged sport of endurance racing. We figure that the tough terrain, long distances and harsh conditions of endurance are the perfect opportunity to but these hoof boots to the test. With thousands of miles logged, many wins and best conditions, there is no doubt that these boots work well in rugged terrain.

Denise Nelson of DAAN Sport Horses in Anza California chooses to keep her trail rides at a minimum and focuses the majority of her time in the very disciplined sport of dressage. Denise is a very accomplished rider who has accumulated a USDF bronze and silver metal in the sport of dressage.
Denise Nelson
I had the opportunity to talk to Denise about Easyboots and although she liked the concept of having barefoot horses, she didn’t like fussing with the cables and buckles of the Original Easyboot or the Epic. I was able to show her the new Easyboot Glove and that was all it took for her to pull her shoes on her giant 17hh horse named Monster.

Monster had been experiencing heel pain and she was hoping that going bare would make him more comfortable.
Monster checks out his new boots!

Monster, being the big horse that he is, was sore immediately after his shoes were pulled, but the Gloves gave him immediate relief. As his hooves toughen up, Denise hopes to eventually be able to ride him barefoot.

Stay tuned to hear more about Monster’s transition and possibly competing in Gloves!

Miriam Rezine