I have 6 horses and unfortunately with all the barrel racing, omoksees, and just trail riding I was doing, my warmblood gelding, Willy, took a backseat. One day I realized, “he is so fat, and he looks a little sore.” It was obvious he was on the road to founder.

I dry lotted him immediately and began regular work out sessions with him. He was really sore at first, and so I got a hold of my friend, Jim Brannon, who swears by Easyboots. He and his wife Cindy are Easyboot dealers. They came over, fitted Willy with a pair they had, and have let me borrow them while I think about buying some of my own.

Thanks to Jim and Cindy, for my first Easyboot experience. I’ve always wanted to give them a try. They help him be more comfortable while I’m riding him, and I don’t have to put shoes on him right before winter! So here is my picture of Willy, in the Easyboots after a workout. Yes, I did say I was a barrel racer and Western rider. I’ve decided that for punishment for letting my horse get so fat, I have to ride him english and get him back into shape. I’ve avoided that discipline my whole life, what better way to make yourself master it, than on the back of a warmblood?

Name: Laya Bleckwenn
City: Cocolalla, ID
Equine Discipline: Western Arena Sports
Favorite Boot: Original Easyboot