We’re always happy to hear success stories from our customers. Rebecca recently shared this success story with us in which she was able to use her Easyboot Trail in a creative, new way in order to help this horse. We’re so happy to hear how well this worked, Rebecca. Thank you for sharing with us!

Two years ago I started using the Easyboot Trail on my Quarter Horse. He was showing sensitivity on rocks and needed extra protection. We ride up to a hundred miles in a month sometimes, so I have a pretty accurate estimate on how many miles I got out of this pair of boots. It was close to a thousand miles!

One of the boots finally gave out a few weeks ago. The sole tore away from the upper. I ended up buying a new pair of boots but still kept my old ones, even the ripped one, just in case.

Today was the day that that base came in handy! My farrier and I were going to put a set of glue-on shoes on one of the older horses that I take care of at the barn. This horse, Doc, had foundered badly several years ago and now needs some special care.

Unfortunately, what we discovered was a deep abscess coming out to the sole of his bad foot. He didn’t have any good hoof wall that would hold a nail, and his sole was so soft that gluing a shoe on didn’t seem like a good option, either. We thought hard about a solution, which is when I realized I had a possible option!

Sure enough, my farrier was able to use the torn sole off of the Easyboot Trail that I had kept as a cushion, and he basically rebuilt the hoof from the ground up.

Doc is now standing square and walking sound because of the repurposed boot. I love the Easyboot Trail for its intended purpose, but I am also so happy to share that another horse is now walking sound and PAIN-FREE because of them.