Baby's First Boots

Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2016 Member

It was a case of love at first sight. He was just two days old when I picked him out. Rearing, running and showing off. I dubbed him Peanut because he was such a little guy.

Now four years later, the Peanut is closing in on 15 hands and getting some light miles.

Peanut and I on our first trail ride. It's a bit rocky. So I fitted him for boots. The size #0 Easyboot Glove that I thought would fit wouldn't even go on. The #0.5 was pooched out on the sides so his hoof was too wide and it is very round. The size #1 slid on too easy so it was too big. But the #0W was a nice fit. It needed more "V" in the front but that gives him a bit of growing room. I decided with Power Straps they'd be just fine. I called Debbie Schwiebert at EasyCare and placed my order.

Just a couple days later, here is my "boot kit". One pair of #0W Gloves and a set of Power Straps.

Installing Power Straps is a breeze and they come with great directions. The only thing I do different is I use a small drill to make the holes. It's easier than a hole punch - sorry but the drill shots were blurry.

The circle shows how the Power Strap brings the gap together to make the boot fit tighter.

The Power Strap is a little stretchy so once in place, it'll give just a bit to create a nice snug fit for the hoof.

Same boot but without the Power Strap installed. The "V" should be stretched out but it isn't so that is why I used the power straps. You can also see how it is a bit loose around the top,  the Power Strap can really be beneficial in improving fit.

Voila! We are ready to travel the rocky trails!

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