The day dawned gorgeous and frosty and my plan was to ride. So I get on the phone and call friend A.

“Hey do you want to ride today?”

“Oh I can’t I have the farrier coming at 1.”

“I thought that was last week.”

“It was but he had to postpone it.”

“OK well I will be thinking of you.”

Seems as though everyone has some hoof plan or other to fulfill. While I will be enjoying my horse and the sun in my face they are getting shoes and pads and all the things they need for the new ride season. I can’t convert everyone although I have tried. But hoof care requires a commitment and I have found that some people just don’t want to do the work themselves. And that’s OK. It is their choice.

However, waiting for the farrier is never a problem for me because I maintain my own horse’s hooves. I can always ride, just apply the boots and I am ready to rock and roll. Very few things beat the freedom that booting and doing my own hoof care has given me. Besides it brings me even closer to my horses and knowing their needs. I love it! Now stop reading and GO RIDE!

Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2012 Member