I first heard from Rebecca in mid-July after she had a gaiter rip on her Easyboot Glove. It turns out that was actually a good thing because we worked together to get a better fit for her horse, Ziggy. In her first email to me when she sent me pictures of the torn gaiter, she said, “I really do love these Glove boots and hope to some day do Tevis in them.”

That started a whole new conversationabout endurance riding and getting prepared for her first 50-Miler. She had already installed Power Straps on her Easyboot Gloves, so we then talked about wrapping the hoof with Mueller’s Athletic Tape. I sent her the following links to help her with wrapping the hoof:



I found out her first ride would be the Patriot’s Day Ride at Lake Almanor, CA. Rebecca thought that EasyCare would have people there, but it turned out there was some miscommunication. I immediately put out an email to all of our Team Easyboot folks and found out that Tonya Durden, Christina Kramlich, Zach Rabow and Tammy Rougeau were going to be there. Of course, they all wanted to help Rebecca.

Rebecca ended up using Glue-Ons for the 50-miler, and she was very pleased with the results. After the ride she said, “My Glue-Ons were awesome! Ziggy finished his first 50-miler without a hitch. The boots stayed on and are still in place. I am so pleased with your product! Thanks again for everything.”

Rebecca and Ziggy
Rebecca and Ziggy at Patriot’s Day Ride


Dee Reiter


Customer Service

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