Out of all protective hoof boots available from Easycare, the new Easyboot Glove needs to fit the snuggest. When measuring for your new boots be sure to measure each hoof individually. With only millimeters between sizes, your horses hooves could easily need four different sizes.

A well fitted Glove

On the hinds we’ve noticed that they tend to run about a half a size smaller than the fronts, but that is not the case for all horses. We’ve had many cases where all four hooves can be different sizes. Different hoof shapes can also affect which size Glove your horse would need.

A great tool is the Fit Kit. This will allow you to try different size shells on each of your horses hooves. Be sure sure to try the shells on each individual hoof. Unlike our other Easycare Boots, the Glove does not have any fastening system and needs to fit “like a glove!”

Miriam Rezine


Customer Service

You will probably speak with me if you call the EasyCare office to make a purchase or if you need help with one of our products. I am proud to work for a company dedicated to the health and well being of our equine partners.