Central Coast cattlewoman Janine Layman, doesn’t have time for things that don’t work. She will look you straight in the eye and tell you she was more than skeptical about hoof boots yet in the same breath tell you how impressed she has been with the Easyboot Glove.

Janine questioned how much could really be done on a horse wearing hoof boots? I agreed that having to do a job horseback was a whole lot different than taking a trail ride. Throw into the mix her horses were not always kept on on tight trim schedule. Regardless, in her situation I felt it could be done. I fitted several horses and the test drive began. Needless to say we had great success and she is sold on the concept. Janine admits before the Easyboot Glove keeping horses barefoot and in use on the ranch was simply not an option.

This fourth generation cattlewoman calls Pozo, CA and the Torro Creek Ranch her home. Her go to horse is a fancy gelding named Muy Bueno, a five year old Paint that proudly carries the ranches +M brand. Patrick as he is fondly called is regularly used around the ranch and has proved to be a solid investment. When it comes to getting a job done horseback be it gathering, sorting or moving a few bulls Janine has found the Easyboot Glove to meet her every expectation. Janie says, “I’m pretty traditional, but I recognize the benefits of a barefoot horse and have come to find I can truly depend on these boots. They’ve earned a place in my tack room.”

Recently trying her hand at her first ACTHA competitive trail challenge, Janine turned some heads. Her flashing gelding maneuvered the trail with ease in his Easyboot Glove hoof boots. Janine and Patrick proved they have what it takes, winning first place in their division and claiming the coveted buckle.

Janine and Patrick with a win.

Janine and Patrick weren’t the only entries turning heads in the Gloves. Also attending and sporting EasyCare hoof boots was hoof care practitioner Rhea Benko of Central Coast Hoof Rehab who had a great day taking fifth place. Frank Brinar put the Easyboot Glove Wide to good use on his mount and yep I held my own to a nice second place showing with the Glove Wide as well.

All grins, Janine Layman and Debbie Schwiebert.

The ride was held on the beautiful Midland School campus encompassing 2,860 acres of amazing country in Los Olivos, CA. The campus neighbors the Los Padres National Forest, the San Rafael Wilderness area and the Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch. I hear a repeat is in the works for next year so if you are in the area grab your pony and your EasyCare hoof boots and come out for a great day of riding.

The Glove hoof boot never ceases to impress. Work or Play the Glove is here to stay.

Looking good!

Debbie Schwiebert