Congratulations to D’amour of Elevage de Venat on the recent victories at Royal and Niort and Pau! With the help of the EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue, D’amour came in 1st place in the GP 140 of Pau! They are currently at the top of the Aquitaine regional ranking. Bravo!

Antoine Bgs, states that “He has never won so much and was ranked since his mare was in glued irons”.  Antoine shares why he applied the Versa Grip Glue on this mare.

“This show jumping mare was always a little sensitive after shoeing. We decided to glue the Versa Grip Glue to help. It immediately provided comfort for the mare and she no longer had shoe sensitivity. Better yet, having the flexibility of polyurethane and its resistance to abrasion makes it possible to support the caudal region and frog. Her feet became stronger and denser and the mare’s performance was greatly improved. I had a lot of fun gluing the Versa Grip Glue and seeing the results in competition and training for the whole team around D’amore de Venat.” 



Great work to the entire team at Elevage de Venat!


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