As part of the ongoing Win/Win partnership with more than 40 equine events across the country, EasyCare is pleased to work in concert with the organizing committee of the Redwood II ride that will take place on Saturday August 7, 2010.

The Redwood Ride is the only AERC ride within the boundaries of a US National Park. There are many single track trails and a few logging roads that wind you down into creek canyons. The course picks its way through old growth redwoods and fern-blanketed woods. Some say it is like riding through Jurassic Park, with dinosaurs lurking behind every giant tree.


This is a moderate ride run in a fun and low stress atmosphere hosted by the Redwood Empire Endurance Riders. Temperatures average from 55-65 degrees, though temperatures have occasionally been into the 80s on ride day. It can be sunny or fog-bound any day of the summer.

There is a ten-mile fun ride for young or inexperienced horses for riders who would like to see the ancient Redwoods, but are not yet ready for a 25 or 50 mile ride.

Camp is located in the town of Orick, about 35 miles north of Eureka, CA. There are a few restaurants, motels, and many gift shops. Many other outdoor activities abound in the area, and the Pacific Ocean is about ten minutes from camp. This is a unique and unforgettable riding experience.

If you would like an entry on the house, please email by Wednesday, August 4 and let us know why you should get the ride entry. Click here for more information on the event.