Another blog about the Backcountry Glove? Yes! I, myself, am very excited about this new protective horse boot and I will shout from the roof tops if I have to.

I received my new boots and couldn’t wait to try them.The next decision was to where would we take them on their first journey. Knowing I would eventually take them to the limits, I wanted our first endeavor to be a whopper.

I used the new Glove Back Country boots on my big TWH mare with large hooves. We went to South Mountain Regional Park, and although we only rode about 7 miles that day, it was the ever so famous Arizona terrain we all know and love. We did climbing and very little gaiting, and I tried my best to find a fault in this new boot. I couldn’t. Believe me, I tried.

Why yes, this is the trail.

Taking a short rest. This is about the best footing we found up on the mountain.

I watched my Glove Back Country boots from horseback. I wanted to see if I had any twisting, damage to the boot or any sign that the boot was not on securely. Is it wrong that I had a little disappointment that these hoof boots performed perfectly? I even checked for rubs with a fine toothed comb and there weren’t any. None, zilch, zip, nada. When all was said and done that day, I did do a little happy dance behind the trailer so no one could see me.

I love the Easyboot Trails and I love the Easyboot Glove, and I am so in love with this idea of the combining the two. I guess it would be called Love Squared.

Try them and do your own happy dance behind the trailer.

Sabrina Liska