Does your horse have hoof problems?  Looking to take off your horses shoes and join the Barefoot Trimming craze? First step-check out our website!  We have tons of information on Natural Hoof Trimming, any Natural hoof products (maybe a Hoof Jack?) you will need and of course Easycare boots and Hoof Pads to help with the transition!  Depending on your horses measurements, we have a large assortment of protective horse boots to choose from!  Easyboot Bare, Easyboot Epic, glue on Boots, Easyboot Glove….and more! 
Still not convinced?  Watch the video below!
Joe Camp discusses why he and his wife Kathleen took all their horses barefoot.   


We are always available for questions on Horse boots or any other Hoof products!  Please feel free to contact us!

Posted by Chris Freeman